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  • How often is to often?

    How often does everyone back up all of their files on an external hard drive or the cloud? I run a small business and back up my desktop once every six hours to the cloud. I pay a hefty sum for this privilege however if I lost all the files off of my computer I would truly be devastated financially. I also back up all my files onto an external hard drive about once a month. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that might make life easier for me in the future? Does anyone know any good cloud service providers that are reasonable priced?

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    Well I would really like to say that once is too often, but we all know that this is not the case of course. I am pretty sure that I have had some lousy luck over the years when it comes to recovery, and most of the time I go in convinced that it is broken beyond repair, which is probably not good for me because then I really do not investigate as much as I should. If anyone has a program to recommend I would love a good one, and I could really use any help I can get at this point, but ideally I will never have to use it. Fingers crossed, and thanks for sharing.


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      Well you could set up your own back up service for yourself. There is nothing wrong with backing up as often as you do. Maybe you should check to make sure everything that you're backing up is absolutely relevant for the cloud part.

      I would back things up on my own external drives like once a week, and or have it automated during the night daily. I'f you don't know how to write your own back up program, then you can still find software that will do this for you. That would eliminate the need to use your cloud service at whatever level you are using it at. It might be cheaper to have it done that way.


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        The frequency of your backup is related to the frequency of your data change. If your data changes only once a week, then there isn't much point in backing up daily, since you will be backing up the same thing most of the time. If your data changes every other minute, then you need something which backs up your data in real time instead of batching. Of course, if you are backing up all the time it will consume your computer resources. You need to have more computing power and, if you are backing up to the cloud, you will also need more bandwidth.


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          Exercising due diligence is a must specially if you're running a business that is so dependent on data. While I can't recommend a less expensive option for cloud service, let me just share that I do use two external drives to back up my data in a day, each at a different time. This is on top of the monthly back up on another external drive.