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Thoughts on AVG free?

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  • Thoughts on AVG free?

    I've been using AVG Free for years now and honestly think for what it does it's very good especially considering it's free. I don't really want to pay for antivirus protection but was wondering what you guys thought of AVG? Do you think it's a good program to use?

    I've used other in the past but they seem to slow my computer down and I haven't noticed any real speed issues whilst installing AVG onto my laptop.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!


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    AVG is good,kaspersky is also good,but its little heavier than others, i have used all the most popular antivirus but,nod32 was the lighter one but i had to keep in auto update mode,sometimes i had to update manually,if you use avast you will lose exe file of your softwares if you don't update regularly or auto update it,not only avast most of the antivirus will delete your software exe file of your software as a suspect-ion as a virus,so right now i am using "McAfee security scan plus" its working nice,not heavy,good performance,still now i have not updated manually but selected as auto update mode,


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      Hmmm I've never heard of nod32. I've heard of McAfee but I'm guessing that's a paid one seeing as it's Scan Plus? I've tried Kaspersky before but noticed it slowed down my computer a bit especially when it was updating.


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        AVG is good and has been recently placed in the top 5 free antivirus products, coming seconds to Avast only because of its constant pestering of the user to upgrade to a paid for version and that is the main reason I have ditched it!

        This was an interesting read

        And a similar article by one of the PC magazines in the UK


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          AVG free is better than a few other programs though I'm not sure if you've heard of a piece of software called "Avast" It's also free but compared to AVG you are able to automatically update it's virus database where as with AVG you have to manually update the database which if you forget to do put you at risk.


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            i think avg is better than avast,because avast has damaged all my software,


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              AVG is the only free anti-virus software I've used so far. My laptop came with a free 1 year McAfee anti-virus but it has since expired so I'm back to AVG. I can't say I haven't encountered any issues with AVG. In fact, only very lately, I lost a folder with important files and I can't find it in the recycled bin at all. There was just no trace of it. Had I noticed the loss earlier, I could have recovered the files by accessing it on the AVG menu. Unfortunately, there were already other files on the most recent files scanned so it wasn't there anymore.