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    Originally posted by MrOblivious View Post
    My favorite antivirus would have to be Avast. The antivirus has served me well throughout my different laptops and computers. My experience with other popular antiviruses like AVG have been generally bad. Avast, in my opinion, is the best antivirus that you could get, even if you are a free user. Additionally, I like to pair Malwarebytes with Avast. With that setup, I find that it is less likely for a virus to infect my computer. Malwarebytes, in my opinion, has a better scanning system than Avast. It is very rare that my computer gets a virus thanks to the fearsome duo!

    Many years ago I used Norton Antivirus for a while. Now I'm using Comodo Internet Security. I use it both as a firewall and I do some scans with it sometimes. It's pretty good software, and it's free. I also tried AVG but I didn't like it much. I'm using Malwarebytes together with Comodo.


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      For a very long time I was a AVG user but after reading some reviews I decided to using Avira. Till now I'm quit happy with it, and I find that my browsers run a little faster then when I was using AVG.


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        I have personally used only two anti-virus since I bought my PC, I have been very satisfied with them so far, I've used Avast Free AntiVirus and Avira Free Antivirus, I was using Avast free, but I really had to format my disk and I somehow wanted to use something different and Avira came by so I switched to it, it's literally working well and I'm very satisfied with their service.


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          I've used McAfee Anti-virus for a year but the license has expired and I've since switched to a free AVG Anti-virus. Nothing special about it, but it's been my go-to fee anti-virus software ever since I became aware of viruses. It's easy to install, too. I'd like to try other anti-viruses too, specially if there are recommendations for it. AVG can sometimes become too annoying.