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  • Windows 10 Networking and developer tools

    .NETtechnical previewOneGet offers.

    Figure 2 : New Command Prompt properties to enable experimental features.
    Besides the ability to use the control key to copy and paste text in the console, it comes with several other features that are self-explanatory. In this example, I changed the opacity and you can see the background coming through.
    If you click on the link at the bottom of the property page, it will navigate to this site. It allows you to provide feedback as well as a comprehensive list of console improvements in Windows 10.
    Quote:Yes, there are more features to the new console than copy and paste.

    Figure 5 : The new and improved Task Manager.
    Multiple-Desktop Support
    The last feature that I found extremely helpful was multiple-desktop support. Imagine that you want to have multiple desktops configured with certain apps, etc and be able to toggle through them as needed. With the Windows 10 Technical Preview it is very easy to do as shown in Figure 6.

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    that's great ,it will help me a lot,thanks for the post.


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      Nice, I didn't know about these and since I'm a full-time programmer/developer, these could come handy. PowerShell seems sweet. I've always hated windows cmd.