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  • 9 Ways to Improve Wireless Connectivity for Your Computer

    1. Reduce your wireless interference

    Microwave ovens, garage door openers, and baby monitors work at the same frequency as wireless technology such as routers. If all of these wireless devices are at work, your router may not work through all of the wavelengths. You can help your wireless device to work by not using the other devices. If you have an Android, you can get an app that will analyze the Wi-Fi interference around you.

    2. Change your channel

    Wireless routers work similarly to radio station channels. Just as you might get interference from radio station channels, you could get interference from other Wi-Fi. Try changing the station for your wireless router to see if your signal strength improves. Your computer will detect the new channel and possibly work better.

    3. Move your router to a central location in the house

    If your router is against the wall in your house, the signal will be weaker on the opposite side of the house. If your router is on the first floor and the computer getting wireless internet is on the second floor, the router should be placed on a high shelf on the first floor. You can also see where the signal is the strongest in your house by using software such as HeatMapper4. Upgrade to 802.11n

    5. Get the most recent drivers

    6. Add a home-made reflector behind your router

    Routers have omni-directional antennas that emit signals in every direction. If your router needs to be near a wall, you can build your own reflector out of nothing more than Aluminium foil. Tear the foil into the shape of a rectangle, curl it a bit, and place it behind your router.
    7. Add a wireless adaptor

    If your desktop or laptop is older, you may benefit from adding an external wireless adaptor or internal network card that will improve wireless reception and internet reception.
    9. Buy a Wi-Fi Range Extender


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