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Does anyone even use a mail client anymore?

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  • Does anyone even use a mail client anymore?

    Thunderbird, Outlook, LiveMail, Eudora (there's a blast from the past).

    Does anyone use any of these anymore or do you all use webmail?

    I'm exclusively webmail; with as feature-rich as the web clients are these days, I don't see the need for having a desktop application to access my email.

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    I use Thunderbird, but only a couple times a year. The invaluable feature of a dedicated client is the advanced sorting and deleting features. My Gmail account can get packed, completely overloaded with way too many e-mails and clients can handle the upkeep in a few minutes versus the time spent filtering, deleting, and sorting manually in a browser. But that aside, for general usage and for the average user I think mail clients have become obsolete since technically the vast majority of their feature sets can be handled in apps or browsers.


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      True story! That's one thing I haven't done in a loooooong time - organizing my email. But, yes, Gmail is not known for it's organization tools - but I think that is actually by design.

      I don't sort my emails anymore; I don't see the need to. I will archive or delete messages I no longer have an immediate use for and if I need to find something old, that's what the search function is for.


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        It's amazing that out of all the technologies that came out of the Internet email is still relevant especially with all these different social networking websites popping up you would think they would do something to replace the email but instead they embraced it making it even more powerful.


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          For people who don't want to use a mail client but still want use some of the features of mail clients, there's a great Firefox add-on called Simple Mail. It's a very simple and useful add-on. You can connect many different email accounts to it and it checks those accounts at various intervals. You can set at what intervals it checks the accounts. You can view the emails in a window that opens when you click on the Simple Mail toolbar icon. Also, you can add various color codes to emails that come from different accounts.