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    gmail is my favorite too, but i can not create as much as i need because mobile number verification is needed and i can not verify more than 5 gmails with one number, thats the problem to me.


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      I tend to stick with Yandex, since it isn't usually blocked, unlike Mail.RU and they provide free emails for custom domains, up to 1,000 inboxes, which is a far better offer than Google will ever offer

      Even for non-custom domains, I'll still stick with Yandex.


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        I have two email accounts. I use Gmail for work because my office uses Gchat and then I also have a Yandex. Gmail is great because it is not blocked by any sites that I have ever run into, this can be an issue with Yandex. On more than one occasion I have tried to sign up for something using Yandex and I never get my confirmation email, I then have to re-register using Gmail. With Gmail I am not a fan of how Google makes you link everything like YouTube with your email, there is no running from Google and it's only going to get worse. I will say the nice thing about Yandex is being able to sign up without providing a phone number and other issues relating to privacy. They each have there pros and cons but between both I would probably go with Gmail just for the convenience and acceptance factor.


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          I've also tried many of the email providers you've mentioned and some others. Out of these, I think the best is The design of the interface is very simple and it has many great features that are actually useful. When trying to tweak things on other email providers websites, like Hotmail and Yahoo, I usually need to search through the menus and then do an additional search on Google, to find out how to change a setting. But the interface is so simple and intuitive that you can easily find what you're looking for.

          They also offer the option of creating aliases and add-on mail accounts that you can create by choosing from a list of dozens of extensions.


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            Well it has to be Gmail for me. That is of the ones that are more mainstream. We have one here at work that is really nice, but it is a professional thing and I am not even sure you can get it for commercial use. Anyways, Gmail is just easiest, and it is better looking and easier to navigate. That means a lot to me, and when it loads fast you can read through them all quick, which is nice. Yahoo was good, but it has really slowed down a lot in my experience.