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  • Fast and well optimized browser

    If your computer is slow, or if you want to browse the web while running a game in the background, Waterfox is very well suited. It's a build of Firefox and is one of the most optimized browser I have ever used. I can run several tabs with no performance loss while gaming. Since it's a build of Firefox, all extensions and themes is available for Waterfox too. If you like Firefox, you'll most likely like Waterfox too.


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    I have never thought of that. My favorite browser is Firefox and I have used it for years. I'm sure I will like Waterfox.


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      I'll stick with Chrome. Firefox started out as a fast alternative but became bloated very quickly. Unless Waterfox was forked from a very early build I doubt it will be enough of an improvement for me to use it. On second thought, I'll give it a go on my wife's computer and see if it helps much. if it runs well on that computer it might be worth a try.


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        everybody talks about waterfox, how good this browser is! is it much better than others like firefox or google chrome?