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  • Windows key.

    When windows10 came out I did like so many other people an upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10. Unfortunately I didn't make a clean installation and just simply did an update. I find that I still have a lot of junk on my computer that I am no longer using from windows 8.1 and I think it's making my computer sluggish. I would like to format my computer and make a clean installation but I can't find the windows 10 product key. Can anyone help?

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    You can try this (free) key finder tool:

    But i suggest you trying to install on different drive first because i am not sure that Windows 10 will accept the key because you upgraded from Windows 8 and not have actually a Windows 10 key but Windows 8 one.

    Also keep in mind that free Upgrade offer from Windows 7 and 8 to 10, has expired on jul 30 and you cannot upgrade for free to Windows 10 from older Windows.
    If you cannot clean install Windows 10 using key from key reader, you can just keep your current Windows 10 and do a cleanup.
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      Thanks for the software I will give it try. Cleaning up a pre-installed operating system is good but it's still better to install one from scratch.


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        I have Windows 10 pre-installed. I think I have seen the product key somewhere under "My computer > properties". I have a nagging worry, though. Even with the best of effort and the best of antivirus programs, I expect that someday in the future my hard drive will get infected. When that happens, does Windows 10, which comes pre-installed, have a recovery mode for Windows 10 itself?


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          The first thing they advise when you do the upgrade is to make a back up of your operating system. Since you bought windows 10 per-installed on your computer you didn't get this warning. My advice is to do it now. If you have to recover your computer in case of a sever virus attack it will revert to the point where you made the backup. All you have to do is to boot into safe mode and do the recovery.


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            Good idea. So where should I make the backup to? To a USB drive? To a CD? How about to a cloud storage? Is it possible to do a backup to a cloud storage like, say, Onedrive or Google Drive? I don't think backing up to the same computer would be very effective. If there is a problem with the operating system, the whole computer would be down.

            I think I am going to find out more about backing up to the cloud. I have already stored my product id in two separate cloud devices.