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  • Make Windows installation fatser

    Setup process can be faster using this trick.

    While installing windows (all versions from xp tp 10), on "Install Windows" window press "F10" key while holding "SHIFT" key.
    This will open a CMD (Command Prompt) window.

    Click image for larger version

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    Type taskmgr.exe to load task manager.Go to "Processes" tab. You will see there 2 processes called "setup.exe".

    Click image for larger version

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    Right click on each of them and selct "Set Priority-High"

    Click image for larger version

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    Confirm by clicking "Change Priorty".

    Click image for larger version

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    This will speed up the installation process.
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    thank you so much this is very useful tutorials,it really works nice


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      Thanks bu can you not simply use Ctrl, Alt, Del to access the task manager?


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        Thank you for sharing!


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          thank you so much for the post,we can also open task manager by clicking right on the task bar and select task manager,


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            Wait, what? How can that even work? I mean, Windows balances the priorities of running processes and programs according to the systems needs, each and every second. By manually selecting a higher priority for the installation process you are, at the same time, lowering the priority of everything else. And among the "everything else"... thingies... there may be other programs and processes on which the installation process itself depends - like, say, extra storage drivers. At the same time, you're giving it higher priority than the display manager, the part that is responsible for "what you see on your screen" - and that means that if something hangs, you'll wait longer (and longer and loooonger) until you see a relevant message on screen.

            At the very least, this tip won't help (much).

            At the very worst, it could even hang the installation process.

            Please note that I'm not stating facts here - I haven't tried it. What I'm saying is based on the way I know Windows (and its process management logic) works. If someone tries it, could you please mention what other "tasks" and "processes" you saw running, over which you gave the setup process a higher priority?


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              In Windows 7, I believe that Task Manager has a manual over-ride ability. This enables the user to state a particular priority for tasks - even up to real time. The risk is however, that if someone does something silly and sets some process to real time, the risk is that the computer hangs and can no longer respond, because there's no longer any processor room remaining for other tasks - including mouse input or keyboard input.

              In this particular circumstance relating to the advice given, I actually think by setting the install to High, it doesn't actually change the install speed; apart from the placebo effect! By setting that single process to High, other processes, which are needed in the install, get a lower priority and subsequently take longer(!). The ideal would actually set whichever process is required at that point to the highest priority and changing that as the required processes change...

              ...which is actually just default automatic priority management!