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  • Tо Windоws fаns, whаt dоеs Windоws dо thаt mаkеs yоu lоvе thеm sо muсh?

    Tо Windоws fаns, whаt dоеs Windоws dо thаt mаkеs yоu lоvе thеm sо muсh?
    Whаt dо yоu lоvе аbоut thе соmpаny аnd thеir prоduсts? If yоu соuld usе spесifiс dеtаils thаt wоuld bе grеаt.

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    Well, anything besides existing and being there ever since I was born? nothing at all then, I personally like it because it's basically the only OS I have used throughout my life, I am just too lazy to change it and try a different OS, Windows has everything I need and therefore, there are no reasons for me to switch to any other OS whatsoever.


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      Several things windows do in fact that I love to keep using it. First, I don't need a convoluted command line to execute 30 of the tasks I need to run and it's compatible with most everything, the UI is consistent across all apps, development tools like Visual Studio and C# are very very productive,it networks nicely with all my home computers, and I don't need to use good old VNC to remote into it when I can use RemoteDesktop with certificates, I can upgrade my Video Card, my sound card, my HDD, my CPU and any other bit that I care without paying Apple premium prices for new hardware.


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        For me, it's not so much what Windows does as much as it is what others do for Windows. I'm quite familiar with Apple OSX and very much enjoy using it, but there is a relative dearth of applications and games available for that (and other) platforms compared to Windows. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Windows itself, but I mainly use it for its near-universal compatibility.