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  • Hоw dоеs Win. 10 pеrfоrmаnсе аnd rеsоurсе usаgе соmpаrе tо 8.1 аnd 7?

    Hоw dоеs Windоws 10 pеrfоrmаnсе аnd rеsоurсе usаgе соmpаrе tо Windоws 8.1 аnd Windоws 7?
    Pаrtiсulаrly things likе frеquеnсy оf disk ассеss; bаttеry lifе/еnеrgy еffiсiеnсy; rаm usаgе; оn hаrd drivе spасе usаgе; еtс.

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    It depends on what day it is. Some days, Google is fast and reliable. Other days, Firefox is fast and reliable.


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      Mmmmm I really can't tell since I never ran a benchmark for resource usage comparing win10 with former Microsoft operating systems. But I felt windows 8 was faster in regards of desktop boot, but also, I remember having issues with
      the recovery time win8 takes to completely wake up from hibernation or suspended state. For applications perfomance, windows10 felt similar to former windows operating systems, I mean, it takes almost the same time to fully open a


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        Well so far so good, and that is really all that I can at this point, at least when it comes to my personal experiences. I did seem to have a lot of issues with the other systems, though, and overall I have not heard many complaints from W10, so I am really hoping that it continues down this road. I guess time shall tell though, and all it really takes is one big fiasco to ruin it all. Fingers crossed, and thanks for sharing.