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  • Programs not compatible with Windows 10...

    So, let's start with saying I was excited when my HP Notebook prompted me to let me know, I was eligible for a FREE Upgrade to Windows 10. That excitement quickly turned to frustration, as I noticed several of my programs were not compatible with Windows 10. Starting with my Anti-Virus Solution Bitdefender, I keep getting an error message that this program is not compatible with Windows 10. Is this going to be something that will be worked out in the next couple months, and in the meantime what are other people doing to alleviate this type of issue?

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    let me tell you, if your Bitdefende runs perfectly with windows 8 or 8.1 that should run here perfectly as well, you can reinstall or update automatically from auto update system. and i dont think we have to wait such a long time to get update of any software which is not compatible with Windows 10.


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      That's weird, I don't experience any kind of compatibility conflict while reinstalling all the software I use. But in my case, I wiped out the former windows and put a fresh install of windows 10, at least for me, It was faster than waiting windows update to finally install all the changes. You can store your software and critical data into a backup storage device,
      format the hard disk or Solid state disk and install windows 10 into it.


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        It’s а gооd quеstiоn.
        а tоn оf pеоplе (whо аppаrеntly fеаr Win 10 оr hаtе сhаngе оr sоmеthing) kееp mеntiоning “if yоur sоftwаrе wоn’t run оn 10”. But I’vе instаllеd Win 10 оvеr 100 timеs, аnd instаllеd а WIDе vаriеty оf sоftwаrе оn it fоr сliеnts, аnd I’vе nеvеr sееn аny prоgrаm оr аpp thаt runs оn 7 оr 8 - thаt will nоt run оn 10.
        Nоnе. Zеrо.