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    shortcut makes our official work so quick.if you know how to use really saves our time.thought there are many shortcut keys for official work i will update this post everyday and you will get all the shortcuts for office and windows 10.there are some sections with numbering all those sections will be here very soon.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Manage Word Documents
    2. Navigate within Documents
    3. Select Text
    4. Undo, Copy and Paste
    5. Edit Documents
    6. Formats
    7. Search and Replace
    8. Manage Word View
    9. Tables
    10. Outline View
    11. Review Documents
    12. Print Documents
    13. Fields
    14. Mail Merge
    15. The Rest

    1.Manage Word Documents

    Ctrl+n Create new document

    Ctrl+o Open document

    Ctrl+w Close document

    Ctrl+s Save document

    F12 Save document as

    Ctrl+p Print document/ print preview

    Ctrl+F6 Switch between multiple Word documents

    Alt, then f, r Open Recent (file, recent)