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Strategy game for Windows 10 TABLET

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  • Strategy game for Windows 10 TABLET

    Can anyone suggest a good strategy game for my windows tablet? Any kind of strategy game will be fine with me. I don't mind trying different games out until I find the one I like. I'll welcome any suggestion. Thanks!

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    You can try March of Empires or Age of Sparta


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      Kelly1 Thanks for your response! I'll ty them both. I think I've tried March of Empires before - on my Android tablet maybe? I just can't remember clearly. Anyway, I'll try them both as soon as I finish the strategy games I'm currently trying out. (:


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        Strategy games? Let me recall. Jagged Alliance 2 is a good classic squad tactics game, you have also warcraft 3 and starcraft, Age of Empires forgotten Empires is a nice and challenging unofficial expansion from AoE 2 with a healthy community, the recent XCOM games and Warhammer 40k Dawn of War are also available through humble bundle.