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League of Legends, anyone?

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  • League of Legends, anyone?

    So, does anyone here play League of Legends. If anyone here plays in the Philippines server. My IGN: D.FaK Bookworm. I'm currently ranked 82.

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    in which version you're playing now?


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      I will hit you up with an invite soon if you're still around so we can play some ranked matches, I am highly interested on ranking up to Silver so badly, probably you could help me up.


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        Well I dabbled, but that was a little while ago and I really have not gotten back into it. That said, though, it was one of the more entertaining PC games that I have come across for some time. My PC is really on the fritz right now and I am sure I want to shock the system anymore with playing games too much, but I am in the market for a new one here soon so we shall see what comes of that. Pretty good game and some good battles, thanks for reminding me.


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          I don't play LOL anymore. Since you're challenger, I bet many lower tier people ask you to carry their games . Which champion or role do you mostly play?