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  • What games have you noticed a differnece of fps after the Windows 10 update?

    As of the Windows 10 update, most games don't seem to have an ample difference when it comes to changes to the number of frames per second.

    PlanetSide2 and some of it's community (including me) has seen a increase of FPS about 5-10fps.

    Have you guys seen a difference in your games?

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    I've gotten a little fps boost in CS:G of about 10 fps. Many other games I play, for example Fallout: New Vegas, Metro 2033 and Half-Life 2 have also received a minor fps boost and it runs smoother.


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      To me, only a few Steam games have improved their FPS a bit since I upgraded my Windows. Those games are H1Z1, Garry's mod and CS:GO. There;s also DoTA 2 and League of Legends that have increased from 130 FPS to 160 FPS!!! That's a very neat improvement, and a rather unexpected one.

      Though one game that hasn't improved is Batman: Arkham Knight. It feels and looks the same, unfortunately.


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        I've noticed that both Minecraft and Terraria run at very unstable speeds now. Before the update, my FPS would stay constantly at 60 or above. Now, the FPS is always going from 60 down to 10. I'm not sure what causes this, and if it even has to do with the Windows 10 update, but I do know that it's something that most people experience after they update software on their computer. Hopefully the FPS stability will become better over time and usage of the new OS.


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          I didn't get a really dramatic change when playing League of Legends. I probably got a few frames per second when I upgraded to Windows 10, but other than that, its very little. When playing other games, I noticed a big difference. Minecraft no longer lags for me as much as when I was playing with Windows 8.1. The game became very smooth, and the change was very dramatic. Overall, the upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 has been very pleasant. I didn't really expect a change in FPS when upgrading my operating system, but I'll take the free frames per second . Not only did my experience with video games increase, but my computer's overall performance increased exponentially. Very pleased with Windows 10!


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            I have noticed a major change especially when playing 'Need for Speed' and 'FIFA'. My previous OS was Windows 7 Ultimate and whenever I played some high-graphic games, there was a slow down. At first I thought it was probably the graphic card but even after I installed it, there wasn't much change. However, Windows 10 definitely changed some aspects of the game and there is no longer slight slow motion while playing the game.


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              I did not notice any difference after the upgrade. All is OK