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What are you views on Windows 10?

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  • What are you views on Windows 10?

    I have been running around on the internet to friends and family, just trying to get different views on this new Windows 10 upgrade. It is so frustrating because after I read a few positive views on the Windows 10 upgrade, I'm ready I want to upgrade. Then I read other views that are so negative and I fall right back into my doubtful thoughts. So I thought I would just try and see how many different views I could get on this new Windows 10 upgrade in one place and then try to make my decision.

    Some of the things I am wondering about are the following, When you upgrade to Windows 10, will you have a Recovery partition installed when upgrading so that if you ever have to restore the Windows 10 back on to your computer if you should experience a problem or if your computer doesn't boot up? I don't like to not have some kind of a backup source in case something happens to my computer. So would I be able to restore my computer to Windows 10 if I had to. This is my main worry. Because every Windows I have ever had it has the recovery partition and I am able to make some recovery disc on dvds when I first get the computer.
    Also, can I use DVD's to make recovery disc if for some reason I can't open the computer. I don't want to end up with no way of recovering my system if I have too. What about things like viewing videos or pictures and making DVDs is all of this working good on windows 10.

    If I decide I don't like Windows 10 and decide to go back to Windows 8.1, will it be reinstalled exactly like it was when I bought it. I know this is alot, but if anybody has upgraded and has any views on these or other concerns, please share your views with us. Also, if you have any views on why not to upgrade also share with us. Thank you all in advance. Looking forward to hearing your views!

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    I installed Windows 10 the moment that I got the alert or notification for it. So far, I like Windows 10. Well, I came from Windows 7 so that saying a lot. The interface is good, and everything is easy to find. I love the search bar on the lower left corner because I can just type everything there when I am looking for something.


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      Most of the negative stuff is just FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Denial) and has very little basis in fact. Stick to reviews from legitimate tech publications if you have trouble sorting it all out. If you prefer Windows over Linux or OS X you will be fine with Windows 10 and will need to upgrade eventually anyway. Best to do it while it can be done for free.