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  • Some games don't work...

    Hey, guys! I'm not really sure if I should post this in this forum section, and if this is the case, I demand administrators move this post into the according one. Thank you!

    First and foremost, I've got a brand new Windows 10 OS and a couple of old games that I'd like to test out on it, but I know that on Windows 8 I had some really annoying compatibility with them, and I want to ask you guys if these compatibility problems still persist in the new OS?

    Also, I'd like to know some tips to increase the smoothness of the respective games if they do work... because on Windows 8 I experienced really bad stutterings.

    Thank you in advance, guys!

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    check your net-framework,if you see its OK, then check your game compatibilities,if it does not work, just let me know here, i will provide you a software which will definitely make you PC game run.


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      If a game worked in Windows 8/8.1 it should work in Windows 10 with the same compatibility settings. Backwards compatibility with older games generally does not improve with newer versions of Windows as it is the responsibility of the game developer to update their product. As for stuttering as you call it, that often has more to do with whether or not you have sufficient hardware to meet the games requirements. If you don't meet the minimum requirements for the game no amount of software tweaks will help much.


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        From what I'm aware, Windows 10 does not make anything that wasn't compatible with Windows 8, compatible with Windows 10. My understand from this update is that there was a lot of UI changes. Not much else that they changed, expect for the it's supposed to run on computers. They made the OS run on systems without taxing the system as much anymore.


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          Thanks for the replies. .net Framework is ok, and I've got the latest version installed apparently. Nothing uncommon there. My hardware requirements are beyond the minimum requirements so that shouldn't be a problem on my new OS, although it is now and I think that compared to Windows 8, now the lags have accentuated a bit. I think it might be a faulty PC component but I'm not sure where to look. Computers aren't really my best area of expertise.

          As to the UI changes, I think this is the main problem now which has sharpened my lags. Too much stuff of one thing causes me the problem I suppose.


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            Originally posted by evelin View Post
            I think it might be a faulty PC component but I'm not sure where to look. Computers aren't really my best area of expertise.
            to check you components you can check out this post, and its replies, i hope you will get answer of your question.if you see still problem i will provide a software bundle for gaming, that may work,