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Old Printer Driver Won't Uninstall

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  • Old Printer Driver Won't Uninstall

    Hey guys, so every time I've been restarting my computer for the last few months after updating to windows 10, there is an old HP Printer driver that has been trying to update. However, it has never done so successfully and it adds an extra 10-15 minutes to my restart time because it fails to update and tries it three or four times in a row.

    I just want to uninstall it so I don't get these annoying and useless updates. I have uninstalled all the programs relating to the printer from the control panel. But the driver shows up as "unknown device" which means I can't uninstall it free ringtones.

    How do I get rid of the "unknown devices"?? PLEASE HELP! Thank you!
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    Unknown Device may be a bad or very long USB cable (happens on many HP's), try connecting with a short usb.
    If this still happens, go to "Device Manager" and doubbe click on that "Unkown Device" and click on "Details" Tab.
    See what values has there.